PORTAFLOOR Rasenschutz
PORTAFLOOR surface covering system

Technical data
LxWxH: single element 30x9x1,6 cm
LxW: single roll 38x2,12m
Weight: 3,5 kg per square meter
Color: light grey
Material: 100% recycled polypropylene

40 rolls per truck, approx. 3200 square meter

Built from 100 % recycled plastic, the PORTAFLOOR-System is very light weight and very flexible system to protect your lawn. It works perfect for any stadiums to maximize protection of the green and the track. Since it’s pervious to air and light, major damages can be minimized even over a number of days. PORTAFLOOR is specially built for protection of lawns through crowds and can be delivered and set up easily and fast with the transport roller provided by PRS.



REMOPLA Schwerlastplatte
REMOPLA heavy duty mat

Technical data
LxWxH: 120x80x4,2 cm
Floor space: 0,88 sqm/mat
Weight: 32 kg
Material: recycled PVC

30 mats per EUR pallet, 750 per truck (approx. 660 sqm)

REMOPLA (heavy duty mat)
The perfect temporary protection for any kind of surface.
Built to protect sensible surfaces, the PVC made mats are usually used for temporary transportation routes. Everything from forklifts to cranes can drive on REMOPLA without damaging the surface underneath, even if you lay it out on a running track or sand boxes. REMOPLA also is the perfect way to create a surface to build your stage or work platform on. Spigot and socket all around the single mats creates an easy handling when setting up and provides very good footing. Burling on top of the mats create a stable and skidproof floor. Optional access ramps provided by PRS make it easy to access the flooring with any kind of vehicle and prevent stumbling.

Remopla Rampen

Technical data
LxWxH: 40x9x4,2cm
Ease accessing the surface for vehicles.